logo1-100xOur company Mészáros and Co. Ltd. (in the circle of our foreign partners abbraviative name MR & Co. is also known and used) was founded in April of 1994.

Thus, in 2014 year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the existance of our company.

It is owned by Rudolf and Margit Meszaros, who are working actively in the company as general manager and commercial director.

All the collagues are of high professional education, possessing with knowledge of languages /English, German, Russian, Spanish/, having much of expertise being employed in the company since many years, creating a really efficient and reliable TEAM.

This is confirmed also by the turnover figueres and the continuosly growing number of our customers all over Hungary.

The company is mainly importing or procuring goods directly from well known West-European producers of high reputation, which ensures stabil high quality and competitive prices towards our customers, also because of our customer oriented policy.

This is characterested with much attention, emphaty and skillfull services towards our clients, in order to achieve the best functional and decorative solutions, according to their specific will and taste, at the possibly most reasonable prices.

The products basicaly are floor and wall coverings like ceramic tiles, carpets, PVC, linoleum, rubber and parquets (solid or laminated) entrance matting and access covers. We are suppliing these goods from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium etc. We offer complete systems for coverings, including products like adhesives, joints and many other chemicals, and profiles neccessary to complete a job .

We have recently also picked up some different products used in building industry, like wall and corner protecting profiles, bumpers, handrails made uniqely from polycarbonate and used mostly in hospitals, health institutions, etc.

We have also started importing products and accessories for disabled people, and recently have included also quality taps, shower facilities and a number of other functional and attractive accessories for bathrooms and kitchens,for children too.

Our company has established close and wide range of cooperation with Hungarian architects, which is very important for us, assissting as a goal to our successive business results.

We are situated in a developing district of Budapest, close to the center and easy to reach.

In our premises, beyond office and storeing facilities, we posess with a clear, reasonably installed show room, where we can get acquintanced our clients with all the attractive materials, we are offering for sales.


Take your time, contact us and visit us, we are at your disposal with much pleasure!

Our availabilities:

Address: 27 Zsinór Budapest 1135

E-mail: info@meszarosestarsa.hu

Telephone: +36 1 320 92 47

Fax: +36 1 465 03 98


Rudolf J. Mészáros

Managing director



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Hiba. Próbálja kicsit később újra

1135 Budapest, Zsinór u. 27.

Tel.: +36 20 264 54 577
E-mail: info@meszarosestarsa.hu

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